Move-out Instructions

Your rental agreement, or lease, with Lighthouse Realty Capital (LRC) provides for a 30-day written notice to vacate, and also requires tenants to leave the rental property in clean and undamaged condition. A notice to vacate should be in writing, signed, and mailed, emailed, faxed, or delivered to our office.

LRC has every intention of returning  security deposits to tenants providing that there are no delinquencies in rent due, and that the rental property is left in clean and undamaged condition.

Note that LRC receives no compensation from 3rd party vendors that clean or repair units, and receives no fees for the supervision of cleaning or repairs. Any funds withheld from tenant security deposits will be based on actual expenses incurred to return the rental property to the condition the property was in at move-in.

Property Inspection: A move-out property inspection will be completed by LRC after tenants have moved all of their personal property from the rental property, and after tenant has cleaned and/or repaired the unit. Once the tenant has moved-out and cleaned the property, keys, gate cards, pool keys, garage openers, etc. must be returned to our office. We will consider that tenants are still living in the rental property, and liable for rent, until keys, etc. are returned to our office. It is our preference that tenants be present for move-out inspections.

Forwarding Address: Tenants moving-out will need to provide LRC with a new forwarding address. The tenant’s security deposit, less any amounts owed for cleaning or repairs, will be sent to tenant’s new address along with a deposit reconciliation.

Vacating Before Lease Expires: If tenants vacate a rental property before their lease expiration, the tenant will remain responsible for the rent payments until the lease expiration date, unless a new qualified tenant is found. LRC will apply all standard efforts in leasing the property as soon as possible.

Tenant Cooperation: The rental agreement, or lease, with LRC provides for tenant to make the rental property available upon not less than 24 hours advance notice, and during normal business hours, to landlord to show the premises to prospective tenants.

Tenant Access: Tenants will not have access to rental properties after vacating and cleaning their unit, and after keys, etc. have been returned to LRC.

Utilities: Utilities must be on during final move-out inspections. Tenants will need to contact utility companies to arrange final readings to be after tenant vacates and after the move-out inspection.

General Cleaning Requirements:

  • Clean all appliances (inside & out) including microwave, range hood, sinks, cabinets and drawers.
  • The carpet must be cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company (steam cleaned). Please provide LRC with a copy of the receipt as verification of carpet cleaning.
  • Clean all non-carpeted flooring.
  • Lightly wipe-down with a damp cloth any marks on walls, window sills, doors, and baseboards.
  • Clean bathrooms including sinks, toilets, and tubs/showers thoroughly.
  • Clean all windows (inside & out), and repair any damaged screens.
  • Repair any other damages to unit.
  • If you are responsible for landscaping per your lease, mow and trim lawn.
  • Empty unit of all trash, empty refrigerator (if leased), and remove all personal belongings.
  • Arrange to have any large trash items (i.e. mattresses or old appliances) picked-up by the trash company before turning-in your keys.

Checklist for Cleaning:


  1. Oven/Range/Drip Pans/Broiler
  2. Refrigerator, clean-out, behind & underneath (leave plugged-in)
  3. Microwave/wall oven
  4. Vent/Range Hood/Change filter in fan
  5. Kitchen floors


  1. Windows
  2. Walls/Doors/Door frames/Baseboards
  3. Light fixtures/ replace any burnt-out bulbs
  4. Clean carpets
  5. Sinks/toilets/tubs/showers
  6. Remove all nails, hooks and patch holes
  7. Wood burning fireplaces
  8. Blinds/Window coverings
  9. Screens (windows & doors)

Exterior: (If single-family residence)

  1. Remove all trash
  2. Clean any oil or grease spots on driveway or garage floor
  3. Mow & trim lawn (if responsible for)
  4. Repair any damage
  5. Windows

Note that any of these items left uncleaned or not repaired may cause a deduction from your security deposit.

If you should have any questions, please call Lighthouse Realty Capital at 949-279-6811,

or email us at

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