Property Management Laguna Beach


Owners, Welcome to Property Management by Lighthouse Realty Capital

Included in this Website under the Owners Tab (links also listed below) are Sub-tabs for:

  1. FAQ

Investors today prefer to manage the details of their income property portfolios online. LRC understands that there is only so much time in the day, and we have included the following features to our Online Owners Portal for property management clients:

  • Review owner’s monthly and annual statements
  • Update owner’s contact information
  • View paid expenses, and repairs made
  • Make contributions to owner’s balance electronically
  • Access property management documents including leases and applications
  • Review previous property inspection reports

Please go to the “Owner’s Log-in” Tab in this website to log into your account.

Also, please see the “FAQs” tab in this website for Frequently Asked Questions along with our answers.

We appreciate your business!

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